Transforming membranes, transforming separation and filtration

At Evove™, we envisage a day when precision membrane technology underpins circular economies by recycling water locally, harvesting valuable resources, cleaning up the environment and drastically cutting the carbon footprint of transporting, treating and disposing of fluids.

Our transformational Enhance and Separonics™ product lines take membranes to the next level, overcoming the inherent flaws in conventional architectures. No longer do random pore sizes and distribution cause frequent foul-ups, hindering a high flux rate and necessitating constant backwashing. No longer are membrane systems troublesome, energy greedy or take masses of space.

Join the future

Together with our market partners, we’ve set out to leverage and integrate advanced materials, manufacturing, engineering, digitalisation and AI to reduce the cost and environmental impact of filtration and separation. If we’re not connected yet, it’s high time we spoke.

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