Transformational membrane technologies

We have made it our mission to filter the unfilterable and separate the inseparable. To boost the productivity of separation and filtration. Combining material science, separation technology, computational fluid dynamics, additive manufacturing and engineering, we offer two product lines that work in MF, UF and RO membrane processes.

Enhance products augment existing membranes with coatings, spacers and inserts to make significant performance gains in energy, water and chemical consumption, carbon neutrality and productivity.

Separonics™ take productivity to a new level entirely. By precision engineering with CFD and a hint of AI, we create membrane architectures that are perfectly uniform, with additional bespoke features to achieve specific operational goals, like multifold higher flux and/or greater selectivity.

  • Overcoming membrane flaws
  • Enhance product line
  • Separonics™ product line

The barrier to higher membrane productivity is in their architecture. Their inherent flaws in the pore size and distribution mean they soon reach their operational limits. We made it our mission, therefore, to make perfect membranes.



Getting more out of membranes

What began as the exciting testing of graphene oxide as a coating in the lab has since led to the successful application of a number of membrane enhancement technologies, many of which we 3D-print to precise customer needs.

But the underlying discomfort of our scientists and engineers with the inherent flaws of membranes led us to ask ourselves: can we not design a perfectly uniform membrane in all three dimensions?

The answer is yes: Separonics™


Precision-engineered high-performance membranes

Without an adequate description in the text books, we made our own: Separonics™. It’s the science of radically transforming membranes to help recycle more water and recover valuable resources at much lower cost.

Our transformational Separonic™ membranes are perfectly uniform in pore size and distribution, can be customised for higher flux or a better selectivity and therefore achieve a multifold performance boost. We are excited to be beginning R&D collaborations with early adopters for this gamechanging technology.

The future is local, circular and abundant. The future is now. Separonics™

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Evove to co-develop industrial 3D printing capability

DARESBURY (UK) – UK technology business Evove has signed a Joint Development Agreement with Meta Additive, part of the Desktop Metal family, to produce an advanced additive manufacturing solution for 3D printing it’s ceramic Separonic membranes. Part of Evove’s development plan for the SeparonicsTM product line (precision engineered 3D printed membranes) is to create a blueprint that will underpin the global roll-out and establishment of regional manufacturing hubs.

Filtering the unfilterable

We're joining the Aquatech online session on notable innovations in industrial water treatment on September 21. The goal of the session will be to help answer the question: “Will the continued evolution of filtration technologies, including membranes, enable previously seen ‘unfilterable’ wastewaters to be filtered, reduce the efforts for treatment chemicals and energy significantly, and unlock water reuse applications?”

Milestone contract for graphene technology in water treatment

We have landed our first commercial contract for the enhancement of water filtration membranes with graphene oxide - a significant milestone for both the company and the wider sector.

G2O expands engineering team

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Omkar Joshi to our engineering team as a Computational Fluid Dynamics Engineer. Omkar will be responsible for leading CFD analysis and experimental validation, guiding design and innovation and tackling the inefficiencies of current water separation technologies.

Join the future

Together with our market partners, we’ve set out to leverage and integrate advanced materials, manufacturing, engineering, digitalisation and AI to reduce the cost and environmental impact of filtration and separation. If we’re not connected yet, it’s high time we spoke.

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