Accelerating membrane innovation with global consumer good corporations

• Evove joins cohort 4 of prestigious global 100+ Accelerator of AB InBev, Coca-Cola, Unilever and Colgate-Palmolive
• Bringing advanced material science and additive manufacturing innovation to liquid filtration and separation technology to support ESG goals
• Outcome will be 2 pilots for water circularity to help stewardship and reduce carbon footprints

LEUVEN (Belgium) – UK technology business Evove has been successful in its application to join the 100+ Accelerator in order to support the sustainability goals of major global food & beverage and consumer-good corporations in progressing local water stewardship around the world.

Food system emissions were estimated at 18 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent in 2015, or 34%, according to the UN, and account for 72% of water worldwide. The ability to produce food and beverages with a lower carbon and water footprint is essential, as Evove CMO Andrew Walker explained, “A burgeoning population that is striving for greater prosperity is exasperated by climate change to put global supply chains under severe pressure. We believe strongly that the swift deployment of innovation can have a profound impact on the sustainable provision of some of our most basic needs. Our advanced membrane systems help food and beverage producers be more circular, improve their economics and localise, ultimately using less resources and having a positive impact on the communities they are part of.“

Evove has developed numerous products that enhance the performance of the filtration and separation membranes used for the processing of liquids and recycling discharged waters. Graphene-oxide coatings (on all membrane types and formats), 3D printed Inserts (for tubular and hollow-fibre membranes), and energy-saving Spacers (for spiral wound ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse-osmosis membranes) have demonstrated their ability to process liquids far more effectively than non-enhanced membranes:
• reducing energy by up to 80%
• doubling the produce yield from raw feeds of milk, beer, juice and sugar, and
• recycling 80% more of the process waters discharged to make big steps toward zero-liquid discharge are some of the outcomes from industrial piloting and commercial application.

From a total of 1,746 applicants, Evove made it onto the cohort of 46 of the most interesting innovations from around the world that the 100+ Accelerator partnering companies chose to open their supply chains to. The 6-month 100+ Accelerator programme commenced on November 7 at the Stella Artois brewery in Leuven, Belgium, and will culminate for Evove in two pilots at facilities of The Coca-Cola Company and the kick-off’s hosts, AB InBev. The aim is to prove and optimise the enhanced membrane systems under real operating conditions preceding a global roll-out for these global food & bev powerhouses.

Erik Novaes, VP of Procurement & Sustainability for AB InBev stated, “With the 100+ Accelerator, our innovation reach is much further. The rigorous selection process means that we build a strong engagement with the best and most relevant innovations for our businesses. The high success rate of our previous cohort members has had a strong impact and the 100+ Accelerator is one of the most important engines for sustainability in our company.”

CEO of Evove, Chris Wyres, commented, “The opportunity to work directly with such respected household names is an honour and an obligation which we gladly embrace. Improving the supply efficiency of the food and beverage sector has widespread implications for humanity. Our technologies are key enablers for reducing water and energy consumption in this sector.”

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