Our story

Formed in 2015 as G2O Water Technologies, Evove has stepped forward to overcome the greatest problem faced by membranes: fouling. As membranes are ubiquitously used in water treatment and separation processes, it’s really important to make sure they work effectively and efficiently.

Starting with the first commercially successful application of graphene in the water sector in 2021 (and it was a tough one – recycling industrial laundry waters), we developed a number of enhancements to conventional membranes that boost flux rates and make things possible that conventional membranes cannot achieve. We quickly recognised, however, that for certain applications even this beneficial performance boost is not enough due to inherently flawed architectures and set out to use our expertise in additive manufacturing to redesign membranes from scratch.

And so Separonics™ was born. Precision-engineered “perfect” membranes made from a variety of materials that are customised to individual separation and filtration requirements. With them, existing filtration and separation infrastructure will reach hitherto practically inconceivable productivity levels, and new systems perform novel tasks on a small space and energy footprint.

Our values

We are driven
Our potential is clear and we have proven to hold our promises in our first steps as a commercial operation. This has brought faith in our work and the resources to be able to execute it. We believe in our mission and stick to our goals, even when the going gets tough.

We are team
Each team member knows their role and supports each other for the common good. We are empowered and emboldened to break through convention, together. Our collaborative spirit is collegial and we like to have fun. Our strong ethics guide our behaviour and build trust in each other. Our clients and partners are an extended part of our team and we treat them with the same respect and appreciation.

We are pioneers
We appreciate that our work is groundbreakingly innovative and approach it with an inventive, creative, curious mindset. We are bold to challenge the status quo and seek to grow our own horizons, beyond our comfort zones.

We serve
Our collaborative attitude is manifested in a strong empathy and intimacy for our clients and market partners. We are dedicated to their purpose which in turn serves us. We strive to offer a high level of service that builds long-term loyalty and trust in our work.

Join the future

Together with our market partners, we’ve set out to leverage and integrate advanced materials, manufacturing, engineering, digitalisation and AI to reduce the cost and environmental impact of filtration and separation. If we’re not connected yet, it’s high time we spoke.

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Please browse our new website to find out what our membrane and Separonic products can do, or contact us.

G2O Water Technologies
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