Getting value out of mining discharge

Getting value out of mining discharge – with high-performance brine harvesting membranes

Thanks for stopping by. We hope Indaba has been a successful endeavour for you. This is a new step into mining for us and we hope to soon be a strong part of the community.

Evove is seeking opportunities to deploy our direct extraction membrane technology with miners who are looking to extract resources from tailings, discharge and dewatering.

As well as recycling precious water, we can help you harvest other valuable byproducts more efficiently, such as:

  • Vanadium
  • Lithium
  • Strontium
  • Magnesium
  • Potassium
  • Metals

Evove direct extraction proposition:

  • Recovery at even low concentrations (down to 20 ppm of e.g. lithium) and high TDS (up to 300,000 ppm)
  • Extremely low system energy and chemical requirements
  • Compact physical footprint (typically ~1,500 m2 for approx. 1,000 t/a)

How the Evove solution is 50% more economical

The key to efficient and effective brine harvesting is our highly selective graphene-oxide membrane. Originally developed for lithium extraction, it separates monovalent and divalent ions into pure streams that make our subsequent concentration and refinery stages far more efficient. Typically, we do not need reverse osmosis and any ion exchange does not get as saturated so quickly. This is how with one client our end-to-end solution is almost half the cost per tonne of lithium carbonate produced than the next best technology.

Andrew Walker

You should have met our CMO, Andrew Walker on the UK pavilion if you’re reading this message – but just in case you missed him, please send an email or WhatsApp to carry on the conversation:



About Evove

We help primary industries turn waste-to-value in their discharge streams, using advanced membrane technologies to extract lithium, vanadium and other precious resources, as well as recovering water.

Evove is a fast-growing technology business with a portfolio of technologies that reduce the cost and environmental impact of the filtration and separation of fluids in a variety of sectors. The company’s Enhance technologies harness graphene oxide based coatings and a variety of 3D-printed enhancements to boost the performance of conventional membranes. Separonics® are Evove’s precision-engineered membranes, providing transformational productivity gains in selectivity and flux, operational efficiency, energy consumption and equipment lifetime.

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